Shilpa Choksi

“The epitome of inspiration and consistency.” Surrounded by the beautiful parents, a girl can flourish like a Dahlia. She hails from a wee-heeled and business family, but her journey has not been untroubled. When she was a juvenile she had always been inclined to the art world, especially she would adore watches. She would love to collect them. Some say a girl’s life stops when she gets married, and afraid to start their career, but she followed her passion by putting every stumbling block behind. Her curious mind, high spirit, contemporary art and passion have made phenomenal watches by moulding them into some exquisite shapes. In 2008 her journey started with a vision of “Rebirth of time” in a distinct way. After giving strenuous efforts, in 2010, “House of Marigold” came into existence, the everlasting world of watches by “Shilpa Choksi”, then her passion became her profession. Her designs and hard work got appreciated by many bollywood celebrities, a lot of Royal families, and several industrialists around the world. In 2012 she had commenced one momentous brand “Aabhasa Watches”- an Indian alternative of international quality. Her invincible approach towards life would give her one more feather to her cap in 2013-2014 which is Jacaranda Jewels" and "Jacaranda Watches”, so undauntedly she dabbled into it with a flying start. Hence she made fantabulous silver and metal jewelleries like neck pieces, bracelets, rings, bangles. Her designs are exuberant, luxurious and valorous. These brands are alive with the high artisanship, detailing and design. Each piece speaks a story. And there is still a comma.